Robot Rally: Board game chaos

Robot Rally

Experience the laser frenzied chaos in a digital version of the board game Robo Rally.

Program your laser loving robot to navigate between the obstacles on the board while trying to reach the checkpoints safely. This turn based strategic board game will require you to carefully plan the movements of your robot ahead in time and minimize the risks with each move. If you like, you can install all sorts of equipment to turn the friendly race into a fearsome battle.

WARNING: If you cannot keep your cool this game is severely frustrating.

- Compete against challenging AI-players.
- Tutorial explaining the rules in an intuitive way.
- Several multiplayer courses.

Under development:
- Single player game mode.
- Human multiplayer game mode.

Robot Rally is similar to the original board game from 1994 but have some adaptations found in later releases as well as tweaks suitable for the digital format.

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